Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Puerto del Rosario - white hot

We went to Puerto del Rosario today, to get more bits of paperwork done. We haven't done what we intended, but got forms, a list of docs to bring over next time and an assurance that we are not needed there all four of us, just one representative will do. So we considered it a success.

When we started from home, it was a bit overcast. It started to heat up when we walked to a bit - in the direction of the shopping center (Las Rotondas), because I needed some dancing shoes. Inside the center it was cool and on the darkish side, and easy to forget how hot it is outside. Which it was

Plant above, ith long tubular yellow flowers, seems to be a local equivalent to black elder in the UK - it seeds itself everywhere, grows, where allowed, to considerable size, and seems to be considered a weed - at least I saw it being chopped off around local police station

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