Friday, August 05, 2011

morning coffee (and yet another lens report)

Pictures are just to demonstrate our morning coffee progress and test an explanation that I found yesterday for the my lens problem. In this helpful page Martin Pot from Australia describes what he's going to do about his old lens with the same problem. While I am not brave enough to go inside an L-series lens with a screwdriver (which is what he ultimatly did), an advice that I extracted from his post was that the lens would still work if the aperture was open. So I tried and it does work, as you can see in those picture. 4 is not the best aperture for this lens, at least for my copy of it (veeery soft and a lot of color leaking), but it is a great relief to see that something still can be done with this lens before I either break it completely with my own fixing effort of decide to go for an expensive option and fix it at official Canon place.

And here is a little cactus we bought for Timur yesterday in our garden center - well, garden shed sort of thing, anyway. Today we went to the beach with Timka and collected a bit of sand and pebbles to transfer it to the pot properly - at the moment it is standing inside a terracotta pot, still in its original plastic one.

And here you can see a mesmerizing process of grounds settling after cold milk was added to the little cup. What you can also see is Kirill frantically waving his hands at me, showing wordlessly that he doesn't like me waving my hands at him. Which I did a second before the video started, trying to show not to talk. Juts watch the reflection in the little coffee pot towards the end of the video

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