Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fuerteventura looks and lens that is no more with us

Today we went to Puerto del Rosario and I've parted with my faulty lens and some money. It will be sent to Barcelona and they'll call us and tell if it's reparable, and if yes, how much it'll be. The guy we spoke to in canon center didn't speak a word of english, but funnily enough, I understood what he said, without catching any particular keywords in his speech - probably because it was of a highly predictable content. It will be "un mes, mas or menos". I am feeling sort of post-lens depressed, me.

Meanwhile while we were planning the move and making the move, Timur definitely turned from a being of unbearable cuteness to a being of unspeakable coolness. At least in his own eyes.

And up till the moment he lets his true nature to show through

I like Kirill's Fuerteventura look - extreme slouchy is just right in absence of both an iron and desire to iron anything. Ever


Bruce Barone said...

I had my 2 cameras fixed by this guy here in the south in America. Very inexpensive and he did a great job.

Tamara Kulikova said...

thanks, Bruce, problem is it's a fairly small island (100 000 people altogether), and its heavy on tourist industry and not much else. Plus, I am not yet fully settled and don't know where to look for experts - maybe there are some. I've asked in couple of photography related places and they both said that anything complicated gets sent "to peninsula" - i.e. mainland Spain. Which is exactly what is happening now