Saturday, August 06, 2011

market at Puerto del Rosario and plants

Today we finally went to the "La Biosfera" market at Puerto del Rosario. It's on Saturdays, an the first floor of their enormous bus station. I don't know what was the original plan for the station, but normally it feels very empty and causes you to think about whether humankind is lonely in the universe and things of that nature. On Saturdays it's somewhat busier, but only somewhat. Truth to be told, we overslept, and came there by almost midday. Maybe the market was a lot busier before, but not at that point. There were vegetables, cheese and ham, bread, and one stall with plants. Guess what I bought then :)
Plants were surprisingly cheap, I paid just a euro for this little crassula plant. We also were looking at a cactus with absolutely huge thorns, but decided against it, as our intention was to shop some more. The stall holder handed us the plant, said "mil de euro" and giggled at his own joke. I tried to ask in a very shaky spanish if he's there every saturday (we really set our hearts on that cactus), to which he cheerfully replied at machine-gun type of speed. Hm, thought I, I take it as a yes.

We re-planted our first cactus with Timur. I think it looks cute

An extremely windy Avenida de la Constitucion in Puerto del Rosario. No, it was not as blue as all that, it's just that I forgot to switch the white balance from tungsten after yesterday's visit to Pincha Cabra, but I sort of liked it that way. The trees that line the central walk are unknown to me - they are covered in green fruit (or are they seed pods), velvety to touch. Kirill found a few that are ripe, or at least dry, and they open and show brown seeds inside. So many unknown things.

And that's just a part of our dinner :)

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