Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hattifatteners and shrimps


If you aren't a fan of Moomin Books, here's what wikipedia has to say about Hattifatteners
The Hattifatteners are tall, thin, ghost-like creatures.... They are constantly, silently and purposefully on the move. I am pretty sure there was a picture in one of the Moomin Books where Hattifatteners were casting long shadows, heading into the sunset. Seeing those thin euphorbia shoots in the dunes made me think of them.

Except they are not really white. The taller ones are sporting rasta-colors, with only the black missing from the set. Small ones are bright green.

And now about the shrimps. There's a "fish spa" in the old part of Corralejo, where you put you feet in big aquarium, where small fish nibbles on them, removing dead skin and massaging. The experience cost, if I remember correctly, 15 euro per 20 mins, or something like that. It's a funny way to feed someone else's fish.

Today we discovered that you can have a shrimp spa entirely free on Flag beach in low tide. Those small semi-transparent shrimp will come and nibble on whatever part of your body you choose to place in the water. The video shows them nibbling on Yuri's hand. I was filming something else entirely a bit later, and one of them came and pinched my butt. I am not joking you.

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