Sunday, August 28, 2011

unlimited supply of blue sky

Picture above is taken from the top of small artificial hill in botanic gardens of Corralejo. I'd say to call them "botanic gardens" is a bit of overstatement, but that's what they are according to a little plaque next to one of the gate. Basically, there are cacti, palms, olive trees, some other low-growing plans with no nameplates yet, water feature, playground, little skatepark (below) and that's pretty much it at the moment. What is remarkable about it is that it's almost brand new - opened in march this year. It was a wasteland before. They keep doing small adjustments to it - adding tables, planting more stuff, but I never managed to catch the work in progress, although we pass it every day.

Speaking of wastelands. You can see one on the pic - empty area, visually between the picnic tables and white buildings in the distance. I believe it's a victim of spanish building industry crisis - they dig out the place for future development, and went broke at that point. Still, it's good that they run out at this stage and no later - there is a tremendous skeleton of a building just as you enter Corralejo, and it's sort of scary to look at. Maybe one day I will make a little project photographing everything that is bad and ugly, but not just yet.

Those two guys at skatepark were sweet. Little one was scared to try, so his dad got on the board and started skating around.

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