Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flag beach

 We've spent happy couple of hours on Flag beach. It's just to the south of Corralejo.

Waters between the beach and small volcanic island Isla de Lobos in the background are very popular with kitesurfers, and there's a wind- and kitesurfing school based on it (is that expensive or what? wish somebody buy me a beginner's package). When we arrived today though there was just one kite flying, and that over land. More flew when we were leaving. I am pretty sure I saw this particular kite there before - maybe that particular surfer, too, but they are lot more difficult to distinguish, what with wetsuits and all.

Today was my first proper swim in the ocean too. Waves were on a biggish side, but since we couldn't see red flags, we assume it was ok to go in the water.

The only problem with this beach is a lack of facilities. There's no showers, at least none on the side of the that is close to Corralejo. Even bars, which seem to be pretty omni-present in Spain* are represented by a little kiosk with no shaded seating area. I suspect the reason is that now it is practically impossible to get a permission to build something more permanent in this area. I would feel that it's fair enough, the beach being either a part or on a border (never sure which) of a natural resort, if not for the two monstrous edifices of RIU hotels that are already there. How did these get their permissions, I don't know and don't really care either, just wish they disappear.

* - which makes a phrase often found in spanish textbooks - "hay un bar cerca de aqui"? sound quite ridiculous really. of course there's a bar round here, chances are, you are standing right in front of one.

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nameless__one said...

hey, I have quite a few photos of Isla de Lobos of my own :)

I assume that the beach is not too crowded?

Tamara Kulikova said...

It's there, therefore it's being constantly photographed :)

The Flag beach is not too crowded. Gets crowded close to RIUs, and then empty-ish again deeper in the nature reserve.