Thursday, August 04, 2011

new shoes and lensbaby

following the sad demise (or at least temporary incapacitation) of my 24-105 lens which I was using more or less permanently, I am now left with two choices lens-wise. One is my old sigma (not full-frame lens, ok for isolations but not good for scenery, street photos, portraits, etc) and Lensbaby. My new shoes were taken with the later. The aperture I inserted sadly lacks marking, but it is between 8 and 16, perhaps 12. It is a fairly small opening anyway, but you can see that lens still produces a very distinct sweet spot and obvious out-of-focus area. I think it is especially visible on the second pic - focus on the upper shoe, spherical aberrations on the lower one. As for me, this is a nice effect, but I strongly suspect stocks won't take it. I will try though.

The denim shoes, btw, accidentally fit perfectly into what I envisage as "Fuerteventura look" - combination of sandy colors, blues in various degrees of fading and ochres. I am slowly assembling an outfit to match a very nice necklace given to me by Luisa just before we left. Picture to follow one day

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