Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dunas de Corralejo Half Marathon

Today there was a half-marathon in the dunes. Unlike some other local events, this one at least managed to make me aware of its existence - for example, by displaying a large banner by the entrance into Corralejo from FV-1, with, amazingly, a wrong date on it. The banner said 31 October, the half-marathon was today, on the 30th. I strongly suspect that decided to re-use last year's promotional materials without any changes. But anyway, by some googling I've found their website and confirmed the date. Just hope nobody turns up for running one day late, that's quite a handicap.
After looking at the route of the run (big loop around the dunes), I figured that I can first turn up for the start, then get on my bike (literally) and go along FV-1, meeting them on their way back. First part of the plan went swimmingly. There was a small hiccup later on, but it was a good plan, anyway. Below are some more pics and some notes about route.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

events of unknown nature and birdwatching

While we've been staying on Fuerteventura, there always seems to be somethings going on and almost always that mysterious something is not very obviously advertized, so it's practically impossible to find out any details. Or maybe I lived in England for too long, and got used to the fact that every tiny local event will announce itself well in advance. Today, for instance, there were at least two of those somethings going - one a watersports event in the harbor, and another skating (?) one in the skatepark. What were they exactly, I can't say. I just can say that I like this boy's helmet very much

Saturday, October 15, 2011

El Cotillo - La Vaca Azul and our container's moving (apparently)

In El Cotillo, we ate in the restaurant called La Vaca Azul (The Blue Cow). I am not entirely sure what's the origin of the name, and they specialize in fish, really,  but they do have a blue cow on the terrace upstairs as a visual support.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

El Cotillo and sudden sign of life from Canon

Yesterday there was another holiday, kids didn't go to school, and we went to El Cotillo. This time, instead of heading straight for the beach, we went around the village, which didn't take very long - it's a very small place. It was sunny and hot (surprise, surprise), and pretty much empty, apart from an area close to the marina, where restaurants were fairly busy.
Given the bright sun/strong shadows, prevailing squarish architecture and sparseness of vegetation, Fuerteventura tends to show nice limited-color abstracts everywhere, and El Cotillo is not an exception.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Puerto del Rosario - cow on the roof, new dress and my lens's still missing

We went to Puerto del Rosario again on saturday; Timur, who is very unlike Yuri in this respect, demanded some new clothes. I also bought myself some stuff, including rather funny little dress below (photo taken by Kirill). In my defense I can say it was on sale, plus our container is still out there somewhere (!), so we have to survive with a very limited wardrobe.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

a woman in dunes (I want to break free)

A real-life "woman of the dunes" that I am now, I gotta start every single day with sweeping. The same fine white sand that makes Fuerteventura's beaches so beautiful makes my floor gritty and unpleasant to walk on, and we all like to walk barefoot.
Today, after I put on my shorts and short top, I thought that that they'd combine nicely with my sweeping broom. A short photosession followed, with Kirill doing the actual shooting

Have a look if interested

Sunday, October 02, 2011

growing basil and other things

Those are tiny basil plants that are now growing in a pot on our sunroof. I am surprised - I thought when bringing them outside that they might not be happy about so much sun. It appears I was totally wrong.

Unrelated pics follow