Thursday, October 13, 2011

El Cotillo and sudden sign of life from Canon

Yesterday there was another holiday, kids didn't go to school, and we went to El Cotillo. This time, instead of heading straight for the beach, we went around the village, which didn't take very long - it's a very small place. It was sunny and hot (surprise, surprise), and pretty much empty, apart from an area close to the marina, where restaurants were fairly busy.
Given the bright sun/strong shadows, prevailing squarish architecture and sparseness of vegetation, Fuerteventura tends to show nice limited-color abstracts everywhere, and El Cotillo is not an exception.

The sculpture is that of a fisherman's wife. I think that whoever designed that fence was a fan of Escher

Only three days has passed since my last post about my broken lens - and we had a phone call from Canon! (Maybe someone from there reads my blog? :). They phoned and quoted an outrageous price for the repair, which we accepted since it is still about five time less than buy a replacement. So hopefully, I will be able to extract better value out of my 5d mk II soon.


nameless__one said...

Good luck with the lens!

Tamara Kulikova said...

yes, fingers crossed :)