Sunday, October 02, 2011

growing basil and other things

Those are tiny basil plants that are now growing in a pot on our sunroof. I am surprised - I thought when bringing them outside that they might not be happy about so much sun. It appears I was totally wrong.

Unrelated pics follow

Timur gradually accumulates a new collection of art materials. Apart from pencils, he now has a brand new set of acrylic paints, brushes and a small canvas to practice on. I expect a masterpiece any day now. I must say, I am getting annoyed with our container still being somewhere in between here and the UK - there's a lot bigger collection of stuff in there. On the other hand, house is nice and empty now - which means that it is tidy-able, or whatever the word is. Everything's tucked neatly away; once stuff, especially books, gets here, we will have a problem.

Meanwhile, Timur's producing his pencil masterpieces - this is his design for - unexpectedly for me - a cushion. I didn't press for details, but I think that the idea arrived into his head because Yuri produced a nice batik cushion in his old school. I am not sure that they do projects like that in Spanish schools, but we will see.

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