Monday, October 10, 2011

Puerto del Rosario - cow on the roof, new dress and my lens's still missing

We went to Puerto del Rosario again on saturday; Timur, who is very unlike Yuri in this respect, demanded some new clothes. I also bought myself some stuff, including rather funny little dress below (photo taken by Kirill). In my defense I can say it was on sale, plus our container is still out there somewhere (!), so we have to survive with a very limited wardrobe.

On the bad side - my main lens disappeared in the unknowable depths of Canarian Canon Services and I never heard from them again. Nobody answers my emails, shop was closed when I went to check it, and telephone's not answering either. I guess that's not good.

Or, if I take an optimistic view, it can equally mean more shopping :)

In the other news, it is my birthday today and it seems that underwater volcanic eruption on El Hierro started. Those two are unconnected.
Fuerteventura pics on shutterstock

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