Saturday, October 15, 2011

El Cotillo - La Vaca Azul and our container's moving (apparently)

In El Cotillo, we ate in the restaurant called La Vaca Azul (The Blue Cow). I am not entirely sure what's the origin of the name, and they specialize in fish, really,  but they do have a blue cow on the terrace upstairs as a visual support.

The fish display in front of the entrance was quite attractive. When I stopped to photograph it, a waiter immediately demanded five euros per snap - as a joke, or course. We thought the setup looked nice, so we returned there after our walk around the village. While village looked deserted, they were quite busy, with people who booked a table and/or were known to the staff turning up all the time. We got a table at the back of the terrace.

My Sangria - made with grape juice, I think, definitely not with orange. It was good. I don't know why, but I seem to want to have some sweetness in my drink during the hot part of the day here, something that I didn't really like before. Chilled rose will do, but I didn't yet hit on a good rose here.

Salad presentation was good, too. My plate is waiting to receive a portion of fish prepared in sea salt crust, something we've seen but didn't try before

Our fish, looking like an enormous pile of coarse salt, arrived at the table. Brandy was poured around the top, then set alight (shame it was daytime, in darkness it's spectacular).

Waiter 's opened the crust along the line formed by burned out brandy.You can see the backside of the cow behind Yuri, btw

Fish opened, cleaned and transferred to my plate. I remember hearing before that this kind of preparation leaves fish "not salty at all", but actually it was quite salty, just not as much as you'd expect from the size of that pile of salt.

Overall, it was good, but not cheap by local standards. The fish dishes are prices by the weight of the whole fish (head, bones, the lot) that went into them, plus this particular method of preparation was the most expensive one. Our two fish cost just under 40 euros, 20 per head, which is not too bad, just a lot more than you pay for your main dish here normally.

In unrelated news, we got contacted by the delivery company and by their partners that are handling custom clearance. It seems that we already have three papers out of four papers necessary (oh, how they like their papers). With any luck, we will see our stuff finally arriving in ten days or so.
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