Saturday, October 22, 2011

events of unknown nature and birdwatching

While we've been staying on Fuerteventura, there always seems to be somethings going on and almost always that mysterious something is not very obviously advertized, so it's practically impossible to find out any details. Or maybe I lived in England for too long, and got used to the fact that every tiny local event will announce itself well in advance. Today, for instance, there were at least two of those somethings going - one a watersports event in the harbor, and another skating (?) one in the skatepark. What were they exactly, I can't say. I just can say that I like this boy's helmet very much



 I like those birds. Quite a few of them live around the botanical gardens close to our house. Today I finally found what they are called, and the names are as funny as the birds themselves : Hoopoe, Upupa epops (!), and Russian "удод" (... да не тот). They have this amusing manner to walk to the other side of the fence of the garden when you approach. They stop immediately on the other side, presumably thinking that the fence will stop those annoying humans from both seeing and approaching. Thing is, the fence does neither - it consist of well-spaces wooden posts.

I am still lens-less sort of. I am hoping to get a lot better pics of the birds in a little while.

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Nicole said...

I don't care for the helmet either... but i love the shadow off the skateboard! Looks almost like a continuation to the board.