Monday, June 06, 2011


First time (and the only one until a week ago) we visited Grassignton with our friend, on almost the first drive around in the UK ever, fifteen years ago. I don't remember much from the first visit, apart from some bunting across the streets.

This time there was no bunting, but the village (or town if you insist on being correct) is almost too pretty. We went for an extremely short walk to the Linton Falls, then a little way along the river Wharfe and then turned back into the village (yeah, town, I know) in search of a cafe

I saw some activity on the river and couldn't figure out what it was - and now wikipedia tells me they are restoring hydroelectric plant there. Well done, I say.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Back from Yorkshire

just came back from Yorkshire after a couple of days of going around places we saw first time fifteen years ago. Yorkshire holidays always turn out to be nice in low-key way - no big discoveries, no big disappointments either. We stayed in Leeds and went for drives. I do believe I broke some rules, turning where I was not at all supposed to - and doing it twice in as many days, due to our navigator's directions. I just hope they'll let it go if I am caught on camera.

Below are some almost randoms pics

Difficult to spell but easy to pronounce - Knaresborough. Easy on the eye, too.

I spend a while waiting for  a train to appear on the viaduct, given up and we started moving down to the river level when it finally did, and I wasn't really ready of course. There's a picture on another camera, though, taken with lensbaby, but I haven't seen how it turned out yet.