Friday, June 03, 2011

Back from Yorkshire

just came back from Yorkshire after a couple of days of going around places we saw first time fifteen years ago. Yorkshire holidays always turn out to be nice in low-key way - no big discoveries, no big disappointments either. We stayed in Leeds and went for drives. I do believe I broke some rules, turning where I was not at all supposed to - and doing it twice in as many days, due to our navigator's directions. I just hope they'll let it go if I am caught on camera.

Below are some almost randoms pics

Difficult to spell but easy to pronounce - Knaresborough. Easy on the eye, too.

I spend a while waiting for  a train to appear on the viaduct, given up and we started moving down to the river level when it finally did, and I wasn't really ready of course. There's a picture on another camera, though, taken with lensbaby, but I haven't seen how it turned out yet.

yum yum beads is a place full of objects of desire for me. As you can see from price labels, I am quite reasonable really

And here is Timur getting into a smallest available space for reasons best known to himself. It reminded me of the observation in his brother's nursery report "Yuri likes taking all the toys out of the boxes and then sitting in them"

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