Saturday, August 13, 2011

blue and yellow

 Looking at today's lot of pics, I realised that they fall into blue and yellow color scheme, so let's have a blue and yellow post. Well, mostly blue actually.

Today I spotted this beautiful morning glory flowers on one of the walls. I saw only pale lilac variety before, which is nice, but nowhere as nice as blue, at least in my book. I must remember to look for seeds next time I am in the shops.

Windsurfing class just off the town beach in Corralejo.

Photos below are from yesterday's night, actually, today's small hours (madrugada, if I use this term correctly). Guess what?

Yep, a rather feeble attempt to catch myself a Perseid or two. The glare in upper left corner is the full moon - it didn't help of course. I though I saw one meteor, but it was out of frame. The exposure is probably about five minutes or so. I made several attempts, none worked really. Still, valuable experience

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