Wednesday, August 17, 2011

walk to the dunes

Although natural park starts across the road from us, "proper" sandy dunes are some way away, and today we measured how far - 45 minutes walking reasonably fast by the roadside. There might be a shortcut through the park, that we'll try next time we go.

Right now it's a lot of tourists coming to visit the dunes during the day - we saw some arriving by busload, plus there's not much wind, so the surface of the sand is disturbed in many places. I know when to come for good organic sand patterns though - in winter, when there's very few people and wind is blowing. Admittedly, when wind blows really hard, sand dunes might be just about the last place you want to hang around.

there were some undisturbed surfaces even today

road goes past Flag beach, and I took this little video with lensbaby. I think sweet-spot effect looks quite good when it's moving.

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Babik said...

Классные дюны на Фуэртовентура! А мы по таким же на Гран Канария гуляли ;-))