Sunday, July 31, 2011

El Cotillo and dying lens

Today we went to El Cotillo on a bus - which was large, comfortable, air-conditioned and on time. I don't know why it surprises me, but it does. I think it was the same bus both ways, at least it was the same driver.

We've been to the village before, so, led by imprinting, we turned right as we came to the ocean, and walked to the "los lagos" (lakes) beach that is sort of to the north of the village. It's a series of nicely enclosed calm lagoons, white sand and black volcanic stone, with easy sandy access to the water. Only after we came back I've checked and found out that there are much longer beaches if you head in the opposite direction, but they are exposed and not calm - better for surfing than for swimming.

On a sadder note, my old trusty 24-105 lens seems to be dying :( Camera claims that there is poor connection to the lens and doesn't write the image to the card. Camera seems to work fine (touch wood) with a different lens, so... If anybody feels like buying me a new lens full-frame lens from Canon L-series, you will be most welcome. It is likely that those three images and yesterday's set from performance by deloFlamenco will be the last ones taken with 24-105, at least till I repair it.

Kirill and kids resting in small corralito before walking to the los lagos beach
organic texture of volcanic stone

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