Sunday, July 03, 2011

Race for Life - Cambridge

we came to Cambridge today to spot two friends that were taking part in Race for life event. Needless to say, we were sort of late, as we tend to be, so Kirill managed to spot one, me - none. What we did see was a lot of ladies of all ages, all without exception looking lovely in their (mostly) pink outfits, enjoying a run, jog or stroll under sunshine. I liked it a lot. I like it when anybody can join, and here it is pretty much the case - unlike marathon, for example, where even strolling the whole distance is a huge effort. Granted, it's ladies-only event, but apart from that, very inclusive

love those lashes

A photography note - I don't know what exactly possessed me, but somewhere halfway through, I changed white balance setting from "sunshine" to "automatic". Color went mad from that point on - what with all this pink around, plus green reflections from the grass. I must remember to never do that again

lot more pics in facebook album

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