Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artesan market in Corralejo

Today, and every sunday, there was an "Artesan market" (Mercado de artesanía) in commercial centre Campanario. What is for sale are mostly useless, though often desirable - volcanic stone jewelry, trinkets, bags, more jewelry, etc. There were some food for sale - local cheeses, bread - but not much. Apparently you need to go to Puerto del Rosario on Fridays for food market - which I fully intend to do.

What I especially noticed where those wind toys made out of plastic bottles.

And here is the charming lady who makes them. Opposed as I am by now to all these small fiddly object (who won't be opposed after all the packing), I still feel inclined to buy a few of those daisy-like things off her.

There was one more display that I wanted to photograph - mobiles, made from materials salvaged from sea, but their maker immediately indicated that he doesn't want me to photograph, so I deleted the only snap I did. Shame, but his loss really.

Spiral staircase inside the eponymous belltower (campanario)

Listening to the (quasi-)traditional band in the main square of the center

Although what they played was a mixed bunch of stuff, they were really quite good. Some people even attempted to dance to their music

Once again, have to say that color is probably all over the place - can't correct it on laptop
Corralejo pics on shutterstock

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