Saturday, July 23, 2011

first and last

My last week was full of "last" things - last zumba lesson with Luisa, last salsa with Nunchi and Udoka, last casual lunch in Saffron Walden, even last trip to its Library and recycling center, etc. Granted, apart from possibly last two items, the other things can still occur if I come over for a visit, but it felt sad all the same. I will miss all that, even the recycling center

Today it is a different story altogether - day of "firsts"

First litrona bottle shared in the patio

First visit to cafe Amarena, which was Kirill's favourite place to get a cup of tea and free wi-fi before telefonica guy (who is usually busy planting random telephone poles all round Spain) finally came and connected the house to the world. Look at this teapot, isn't it just beautiful?

Oreo crunch icecream - perhaps not my thing, but it was free :) - waiter made a mistake and gave it to us gratis

And first piece of sand art and the artist who made it at the Corralejo town beach

colors are quite likely off, as my work screen is in a container somewhere, but you get the picture.


Paula said...

Good luck guys... look forward to the firsts and forget the lasts.

Tamara Kulikova said...

Thanks, Paula :)

Anchan said...

Sounds nice. At least it's hot there!.. Here mid-summer feels like early May. I still drink local cider to remind myself it's summer.

Tamara Kulikova said...

I suspect it'll grow hot eventually, and you will regret wishing for summer heat, Anya :)