Tuesday, November 29, 2011

assorted Sunday

This cat, although different in color, in attitude and expression is a spitting image of Muta from "The Cat Returns". From his position of perfect safety he was observing the street, mostly right in front of him, that is, not bothering to even turn his head.

Except sometimes

For second Sunday in a row, we went for lunch to Avenida. First time we took what we assumed will be tapas - and each dish proved to be main-sized affair, very tasty. Little research shown that the place is more famous for their paellas, so we went again to check those out. And our seafood one was excellent. Yes, I know - the rice is not right (they use simple long-grained one), and color is probably due to safflower rather to more expensive proper saffron, but it was very good anyway. Although the restaurant is out of the way, lunchtime is very busy there, and place is full of locals, too - always a good sign.

Address and more places to eat - in a special section of Kirill's blog

Lovely color. My next vehicle will be red or yellow, haven't yet decided which.

Those fishes reminded me of russian anecdote about the fisherman whose hands were bound at the wrists, so he couldn't show how big was that fish that he caught. For those of you who don't know - he opened the palms of his hands as far as they'd go and said "and its eyes were thiiiis big" :)

When it got dark, me and Yuri went to photograph the startrails over Isla de Lobos. I don't know why, but so far I can't achieve a photograph with not too much noise. I am not sure if all the pics that have startrails in them have a lot of it - after all, noise is bound to appear when exposure is long, but it seems unsatisfactory to me.

I will carry on trying with different apertures, ISO is already set at minimum

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