Wednesday, November 09, 2011

more dunes, new pair of shoes and observation about postal services

Here Timur's doing what he likes to do best.

And here is me in my new shoes  (received them at the post office yesterday, and done just one cycle trip and one thai-chi lesson), standing next to the old pair of shoes. If you are thinking that they look the same, it's because they are the same. Some time ago I realized that converse shoes are exactly the right shape for me, and so far I never had any surprises with sizing either. So I keep buying a new pair now and then, once the old one start loosing tread and trim.

Nobody pays me for this nice post, more's the pity.

About the postal services - so far they are a bit unpredictable. Or rather, there are elements that are completely predictable - for example, you have to go and pick up your parcels at the post office, regardless of how expensive the postage was or how heavy the parcel, and there are elements that are a mystery. Occasionally they try to charge us something that is probably tax (?) but the logic of what is taxed and what is not and on which level is not obvious.  Sometimes instead of delivering to Fuerteventura, they deliver to Gran Canaria and then ask us to explain what's in the parcel first (via email, which is a blessing, telephone conversation will be a struggle). Then they send it on to Fuerteventura, adding about a week to overall delivery time.

So far nothing gone missing, but the complicated procedure takes some pleasure out of internet shopping for sure. You never know how much you will have to pay altogether. I am not amused.
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nameless__one said...

This is the right approach. I do the same with my tennis shoes last couple of years. I actually buy a new pair before the previous one is worn.

nameless__one said...

There is one unfriendly feature about Blogger interface. When I post a comment, I input text and then passowrd. But the checkbox about forwarding follow-ups via email appears only after that - when the first comment is already in place.

Tamara Kulikova said...

Blogger's not ideal to put it mildly, but I ok with it for the moment.

Good thing that some of the sporty stuff is not as affected by fashion as normal clothes, eh? Shopping for dresses is lot more difficult :)