Thursday, November 03, 2011

Big(ish) waves today

Yesterday, all of the Canaries were put on "coastal phenomenon" alert. "Orange" alert was today for Fuerteventura. The explanation mentioned sea swell and a possibility of waves up to 5 meters high. I actually spent (or perhaps wasted) some valuable time trying to figure out if avenida Grandes Playas is likely to be affected - we take it quite often, when we go into old town, and Kirill takes it when he goes to teach his zumba lesson, dragging his musical equipment with him. I figured that probably not, and most of Corralejo is shielded by the pier and Isla de Lobos. But of course I wanted to go and check it out. Early morning weather was good, but when it was time to get out of the house, fine but dense rain started, so by the time we were by the old town we were both wet. There were no waves on town beaches, but large waves were visible further in the ocean. To see them closer, I went past the pier a bit.

A few more pics of the waves and people follow

Of course, I was not the only one who had the bright idea to check the waves out. There were a few people who looked intently at the waves, clearly evaluating them. Probably surfers, although I can't really say.

you can see the scale at the pic below - not five meters, but still quite impressive

Of course, there were fellow photographers :) I think the lady is taking a video with her SLR, though - support is a burden, not help, when the conditions are as bright. Unless it was long exposure - but then a monosupport is insufficient.

Anyway. Her dog looked somewhat bored :)

Fred Olsen going to Lanzarote. First pics is of Armas on the trip in opposite direction - and I must say, I won't have fancied a ferry trip today. I am sure it's perfectly safe, but still, it looked quite wobbly

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