Sunday, November 27, 2011

kites and Christmas lights

Yesterday we went for a walk in the dunes with Yuri. The intention was to go to the "proper" dunes - ones that don't have any vegetation, with nice wind patterns on them, but when we came up to the border of the nature park, we spotted an unusually large group of kites  over Flag Beach. So we turned towards it. Unfortunately, by the time we got there (takes about 25 mins walking), surfers were already closing the shop so to speak - it was getting late.

There was still a lot of them drying the kites, letting air out of them and so on, so we hand around for a bit

Like those bandana-ed skulls.

Later on, they were switching the Christmas lights on in the El Campanario shopping center. The announced times was 8pm, but there was a few short performances first, so they switched the lights on about 8.40 or so. Strangely, I was not ready for fireworks that followed (later on I remembered that Kirill mentioned that there were some last year), so no pictures of those.

I can photograph fireworks though :) - see the shutterstock collection if interested.

Even more unexpected, fireworks were accompanied by a shower of styrofoam balls which serve for snow around here. Now we find them in pockets and bags

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