Sunday, November 06, 2011

Festival de cometas - unexpected preview

we went for a walk in the dunes today and unexpectedly got ourselves a preview of upcoming kite festival (festival de cometas). the festival itself starts on the 10th at El Cotillo, and will hopefully be a lot bigger, but looked like participants are arriving and starting to fly the kites already. Today they were on a beach past RIU hotels as you go from Corralejo towards Puerto del Rosario

A few more pics follow

Timur's got a little camera for his birthday, so now he takes pictures of everything. Shame that he almost immediately deletes them, but as a true artist he is never satisfied with his work

Bear (at least I think it is a bear) on the right is really psychedelic color. I also like its shadow on the sand

Today, after I don't know how many visits to this particular section of dunes, we unexpectedly found that there a bar just there. Somehow we failed to see it before. It's a very basic affair, but it looks like it was always there, and we were very grateful for it - walking from home to the cometas took about one hour, so we were all thirsty and kids were hungry and getting cranky

I never suspected there are so many types of goats :)

Fuerteventura kite festival on shutterstock

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