Monday, November 07, 2011

dunes - flying sand and drawing zumba logo

Timur prefers dunes to ocean. He doesn't mind one hour walk each way to get to the large, steep, completely plant-free dunes - just to jump or run off them. And now the biggest crowds of visitors are gone, there is a good chance to have an undisturbed sand to walk on, which makes for nice picture

Yesterday the wind was on a strong side and sand was flying. It ends up looking like a blurred edge to the dune in the picture, but in the close-up you can see the sand particles in the blur

Kirill had an idea for a new userpic for his zumba pages - to draw a zumba logo on the sand. Problem is, he started too big

This one is a little better but still not ideal. So it's work in progress

Fuerteventura pics at shutterstock


nameless__one said...

Buy a beach buggy. Will send you hours of walking :)

Tamara Kulikova said...

Except we actually like walking :)