Thursday, December 01, 2011

unpacking essentials - 2

We are still unpacking and will be doing it for another while. Main problem is not so much opening the boxes, as finding a place for everything to go to. We have already found a lot of things that were managed to forget about, but haven't found some that we are specifically looking for.

Timka's soft toys were given a wash, and survived it nicely

If I am not mistaken, this bear is the one Timur used to call "baddy bear" (as opposite to "goody"), for the reasons best known to himself then.

Observe the chromatic aberrations at the edges of all those pics and strange way the clothesline looks in the first. These are all due to my new toy - "fisheye" extension to existing lenses. It halves (approximately) the focal distance, so when it sits on 50mm lens I end up with 25mm approximately + "fisheye" distortions. Below are the startrails taken with the same extension.
The lights are Corralejo pier and edge if town. There are some side-light artefacts on the picture, I think I will have to fashion a lens hood out of black paper next time, but I am pleased, it is starting to look more interesting

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