Friday, December 23, 2011

baking, knitting, eating and making cairns

Those chocolate cookies work with local ingredients just as well as they did with others :) Baked a batch today and want to do another one tomorrow  

You can see our first "Christmas tree" in the background - made of stones from the beach and dried root found in dunes. More on the subject of Christmas "trees" later.

Ahhh, seafood. I haven't yet decided on the family menu for Christmas, so I am thinking - maybe seafood paella?

I am finishing off an enormous woolen blanket, so we decided to do a mini "knitter on holidays" photoshoot. Kirill made the pic. My eyes _can_ go even closer together, in case you are wondering :)

And finally - today's Christmas cairn project. Kids lost interest pretty quickly, but it wasn't a big one anyway :)

UPD - oh, nearly forgot. When we were building the cairn, a youngish guy with a camera came up to us and started saying something along the lines "I wonder if you would like some pictures? What I am doing here is..." - at which point I interrupted him, saying "Look, I have a bigger camera'n yours in my backpack, so no". I meant it to be a joke (well, not my best, granted), but he didn't take it like one and went away dejectedly.

Now, me being me, I am now feeling a bit guilty, thinking maybe I was too short with him. For all I know he might even be fellow stocker, looking for pictures-for-model-release deal, or a student on a project task, I didn't give him a chance to explain really. Just hope he wasn't upset.

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