Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gnomes, pimientos de padron and sparkler tornado

On Christmas eve, gnomes bought for Yuri in Stokholm found their way on our patio table :)

And here they are again, plotting something I reckon.

Pimientos de padron - one of my favorite tapas. Very easy to make, too, you just fry them and sprinkle with coarse salt (with chili on this occasion). There is one thing that puzzles me about them though. When I was looking for recipes, I  I found in literally all of them something like "although most Padron peppers are mild, some are hot". Some recipes went as far as mention "approximately one in twenty peppers is hot". Even wikipedia mentions that some of those peppers are hot, and gives a proverb to confirm (Os pementos de PadrĂ³n, uns pican e outros non).
Well, by now I ate a few hundreds of them, and let me tell you - none of them was hot. None at all. I don't know how to explain this phenomenon. It might be, of course, that there is some variation and what is sold here is a completely mild variety. Another possible explanation is that over the years of cultivation, hotness was selected out of them, but proverb survived, and alleged hotness gets the mention everywhere due to inertia. As to "one in twenty", I'd say it's propagated by the usual cut and paste method.
And the sparklers games again

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