Sunday, December 18, 2011

not much to report

There's nothing much to report recently. We kept unpacking and finding places for our stuff and I am proud to say that finally all the books are on their shelves. Now it's pictures turn - and we have a lot of those.
Fish above is scrambling for a piece of bread - there was a guy on a pier yesterday who kept feeding pigeons and fish in turn. Pigeons can't swarm like fish though, that's for sure

Below is a little video of the same fish

We went to the dunes today to try to make some pictures for 2012 calendar. It was sunny and very windy. Timur walked ahead, throwing his sandals in the air and then walking towards them. It rather reminded me of the movie "Stalker", where Writer says "вы бы хоть гаечку туда бросили, что ли..." (apologies to non-russian speakers, explanation would be very long and involved, so I won't)

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