Monday, February 06, 2012

Morro Jable

Since we moved to Fuerteventura half a year ago, we spent every single night at the same place, not going anywhere, even for short while. It can be explained by the house moving experience killing all possible urges to move anywhere for a goodish while or by something else. Doesn't matter really. This weekend we finally took advantage of yet another religious celebration that shut both schools for two extra days and went to the other end of the island, to a small village Morro Jable.

It takes less than three hours by bus to cross the whole island. Big road ends in Morro Jable. There are smaller roads afterwards, one of them leading to the beautiful Cofete beach, but I don't like the look of those roads. I learned to drive in East Anglia, I like my roads straight and flat, and roads past Morro Jable don't satisfy either of those requirements

The village feels a lot smaller than Corralejo, and the ratio of (mostly German) tourists to locals seems higher. It is no Benidorm of course, but the excellent sandy Playa del Matorral is backed by side-to-side bahamut-sized resorts, so it's best to to look towards the sea, not towards the land (and I have a whole rant ripening about all-inclusive resorts, watch this space).

Resorty part of Morro Jable is stretched along the beach, so for a goodish while the configuration is the same - water, sand, wildlife protection area covered in salsola, bicycle multi-path, promenade, wide street that is a continuation of FV-2 motorway, cafes and restaurants and then first-line resorts. If there's anything behind those resorts, it is obscured by them quite effectively.

There's nothing much to the village itself. There is a small grid of streets perpendicular to the shore and on the top of the hill. Right now most of those streets are dug up, not sure what for, maybe simply for resurfacing. If it is resurfacing, I can't explain why they dug up so much at the same time, it doesn't appear to do local businesses any good, especially eateries seem to suffer.

Still, the beach is clean and wide, the sun was shining, the road is beautiful in that peculiar stony-desert Fuerteventura fashion, so it worked out as a nice long weekend

There is a small zoo roughly opposite from Morro Jable lighthouse. They have a fair selection of birds and a few llamas, every other aspect of animal kingdom underrepresented somewhat. Many of the cages were empty, so maybe there are more animals in high season. The ticket is valid for a week though, and they do some minimal shows there, so if you are there with kids on holidays, it makes sense to buy tickets and pop in there from time to time.

When we were going past their enclosure, Yuri started to giggle at the German version of the name of this animal. I also find it funnily overdescriptive to call it SouthAmerican NosyBear. Coati sounds a lot better. On the other hand, latin name Nasua nasua (Nose nose, or Nosy nosy unless my latin fails me completely) if both funny and descriptive - it is an actively moving critter that sticks its longish nose everywhere

Unlike peacocks, Flamingos are not closely related to chicken, but the same utter madness shines in their eyes.

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