Friday, February 17, 2012

walking on Bayuyo

Today we went for a walk up the volcano that is nearest to Corralejo, which apparently goes (or stands rather) by a funny name Bayuyo. There is path going up it that is visible form the village, but we were told (quite correctly) that is is not so easy to find where it starts. So we went with a group of people from one of the hotels, led by somebody who knows exactly where to go. It's not that you can get lost there, it's just that stone desert doesn't make walking very comfortable, so you need somebody who knows how to cut walking on a rocky surface to a minimum

you can see the surface in the beginning of the walk. After getting to the path, it gets more even but more slippery as well- it's sort of fine unpacked earth underfoot, mixed with stones.

Views from the top are great, but this is not-so-great view into the caldera, which is full of volcanic graffiti - made with rocks, not with spray paint, thank god for small mercies. Subject matter is the usual though - hearts, names or initials, declarations of undying love.

Sand buggy excursion going past. Noise, shaking and lots of dust. Not my cuppa, but they seem to be quite popular

Everybody keeps telling me that Fuerteventura bursts into bloom once there is a proper big rain. Well, it didn't happen yet. We found this flower of dandeliony persuasion, one tiny alpine geranium and I was told that someone spotted alpine thyme, but that seems to be all. I hope we will get something before the end of the winter though, I was quite looking forward to it

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