Sunday, February 19, 2012

Achipencos 2012

Carnival started in Puerto del Rosario, capital of Fuerteventura, a few days ago. Big carnival parade will be next week and I am quite looking forward to it; today though there was something rather special. It's called Regata de Achipencos, Regata Achipencos, or just Achipencos. I won't pretend I understand what the word means,  probably nothing. The idea is that a few quite obviously sea-unnworthy vessels take to water in the Puerto del Rosario, crewed by strangely and/or cross-dressed people.

The  theme of the carnival in Puerto del Rosario was "fantasies"; that should have given the participants a lot of choice of how to dress. Given that, the number of Smurfs-crewed floats was rather surprising.

Police helicopter was not the main part of the proceedings, but it made such a surprisingly low flight that it is in the pictures, too

Magic mushrooms fairies. Or something.

One of the three (I think) parties of Smurfs

And here's another one. They are my favourites - they kept throwing each other in the water, and it's not that warm, let me tell you.

I find those blue legs sticking out of water very touching.

Now, practical advise and  reminder for myself - the best place to watch is on the rocks that lead to water, come earlier and take position on the ones nearest to the water. I was pretty close to ideal position this time, but not quite there.

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Kirill said...

ACHIPENCO is an acronym of Artilugio Carnavalero Hidrodinámico Impulsado Por Energía No Contaminante Obviamente, i.e. "Hydrodynamic Carnival Contraption Driven by Energy that is Not Obviously Polluting"