Saturday, January 14, 2012

Suzi Q by a sandpiper and other sandy things

Small local sandpipers (or are they turnstones, maybe?)  look quite amusing when caught in mid-step. This one looks like he's doing a Suzi Q. He's running around a beached jellyfish - we a have a small-scale plague of them at the moment.

 There were some strong winds and big waves recently, and they left their marks on the flag beach. Above is relatively unusual tide pattern on the sand. Little rivers formed by the water going away are normally not as deep as this. It looks like miniature canyon walls
 And this is more normal, but forming a perfect wind-swept tree pattern

Corralejo Flag beach on shutterstock

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Nice photos

I live in Borneo island, the third largest island in the world.

You can see a photo of a sandpiper near my house in my photo-blog :

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