Friday, January 06, 2012

Timur's abstract and things

Yesterday me and Timur went to the post office to pic up yet another parcel from Amazon - two more Terry Pratchett's books for Yuri and me, we have the full Discworld collection I think.

Picking up stuff in the post office is a sort of quest here. I really miss UK in this respect - I loved it when my parcels turned up at my doorstep, accompanied by a cheerful postman and his wireless digital signature panel. Now I go to post-office, take a ticket out of the machine and wait till my number comes up. Yesterday the waiting list was over 60 numbers, so we walked around with Timur, making little purchases and trying to occupy ourselves as best as we could. At some point I gave him my camera and he made a few snaps of a windmill - and above is the close-up of its door

Some of the beaches around Corralejo have been closed for a few days already, because pinkish smallish jellyfish turned up en masse. When they are out of the water, tentacles are not visible, but in the water you can see they are quite long. Fish seems to try to avoid the contact with it - check the video about 10 seconds in - so maybe closing off the beaches makes sense.

Yesterday evening we went to see Cabalgata de Reyes Magos - arrival of the Kings, or Magi (ones that brought presents on the 12 day of Christmas). We never saw it before. The main components seem to be the Kings themselves, on camels in our case, and sweets, thrown by kings to the kids in the crowd. There were other elements to the procession, which in case of Corralejo wasn't a particularly long one. Still, it featured no less than four different samba bands, so it was a fairly noisy affair.

I found quite amusing the precision with which a delay of half-hour to the proceeding was predicted. Parade was scheduled for 5pm. Everybody whom we talked to about it, with no exception, said it won't start earlier than 5.30. We came the by 5.30 and it was precisely the moment when the movement started for real

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