Tuesday, January 10, 2012

wide angle mirador, spirit of the stones etc

Today I went around with friends who are here on holidays in their rented car. While fully understanding the benefits of not having a car (we all are a lot healthier after those six months for a start), sometimes I really miss driving. It gets you there a lot faster than public transport, biking or walking, and sometimes it just gets you there, full stop. I am not about to bike to Betancuria, for instance, while I am still sane.

On the other hand, once the car is there, you feel tempted to drive it even for small errands, and that's not that great.

Anyway. The view above is taken from Mirador de Morro Velosa with Sigma 12-24 borrowed off one of my friends. I know what to add to my (suddenly almost-empty) wishlist now (benevolent universe: hint hint?)

This is one of the windmills close to El Cotillo. It's in quite a good state and seems to be meant for postcard-perfect pictures, with even a semblance of car parking area in the front and some cacti planted (though not doing that great) around it

On the empty field opposite from the mill somebody build a few cairns, and we shamelessly adopted one of them for photoshooting purposes. Here is my friend Volodya in a role of mischievous stone spirit. Here you see him

And here you don't

Fuerteventura pics on shutterstock

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Anchan said...

Excellent pictures! Thanks for keeping us company on that day!.. I know what to add to my wish list after that trip. Full frame sensor body. Everything with iso more than 200 (minimal on our Nikon D300) is noisy...