Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Floral Betancuria

I've just looked in Wikipedia and discovered that Betancuria proudly bear a "city" label in there. Well, I don't know. The population of the whole province was 721 in the latest poll, and not all of them live in Betancuria, so calling it a city seems just a tad excessive.

It's a pretty place, whatever it is. There aren't many real sights to see, and they've been photographed to death. You can hardly blame the photographers - apart from scattering of windmills, Fuerteventura doesn't have many historical architectural landmarks, compensating, of course, for this lack with its natural beauty. In any case, I decided to sort of skip photographing architecture - after playing a bit with a borrowed wide angle lens around the church.

So, here are just some floral things from Betancuria.

Fuerteventura pics on shutterstock


Anchan said...

Nice! I also shot the plant on the first picture. But the shadows were somehow a bit different. I will look later.

BTW, thanks a lot for your tips how to shoot the Moon above calm waters. I have assembled mine from 3 different frames. You were right, it sells. Amazing!..

Tamara Kulikova said...

yeah, cheating pics of celestial bodies are a lot more impressive'n real ones. when moon is close to the horizon, it seems huge, while it's the same size as always and photos show it perfectly; combining larger'n life full moon with landscape helps to restore the normal perception.