Sunday, February 27, 2011

River Barle


this is an almost mandatory long-exposure shot of moving water - Barle river upstream from Dulverton. We went for a walk, aiming to get to the next village along the riverside path, and trying to figure out if we can get to Tarr Steps, but turned back when a small stream crossed the path. I readily admit to lack of perseverance on my part - we could have crossed that little stream, but I was worried there are more along the way.

Anyway. Camera on timer sitting on my backpack (no tripod being at hand). Backpack lying on the ground so sort of difficult to aim and this is more or less the best shot out of fifteen or so I made. I would have stayed for another while, but kids were getting impatient.


Bruce Barone said...


Kirill said...

I was fearing that your camera will slip off the backpack into the river

Tamara Kulikova said...

Thanks, Bruce!

2Kirill - that's why I hover over it so - I am afraid of the same thing :)

Kirill said...

Somebody did take care of inventing a special term for this: camerisiphobia (Fear of Dropping your Camera)