Wednesday, February 09, 2011

old watercolors - "June"


Tomorrow, everything being well, I am taking part in a local charity event where I am going to try and sell some of my watercolors. They've been hanging on my own walls for a while, and we should start getting rid of stuff anyway, so - today we took them out of the frames (they weren't good frames, lots of thunderbugs got in), and I photographed them and packed into clear film. And now suddenly feel very nostalgic.

But - has to be done I guess. If they don't shift tomorrow, I will try to figure out what else I can do with them.

This is one of them - painted from my old photograph, taken with ancient nikon coolpix. If I remember correctly, I grandly titled the photo "June".

While looking through pictures, we also found rather cute sketches in little "fat cat" series - here they are


feversandmirrors said...

they are BEAUTIFUL, I am astounded! xxx

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