Wednesday, September 22, 2010

zumba masterclass


some pictures from zumba masterclass yesterday in Chilford Hall with Naomi Mokoena (lady in grey above with her back to the camera) hosted by Natalia Bull (heading the dancing line in the next picture). Participants enjoyed it :)

It was interesting to see how my old cannon 5d will perform in these rather extreme conditions - the hall is quite large with high ceiling (bounced flash useless) and lit with not very bright (to put it mildly) and mixed light. I had to push ISO up to the maximum in some cases (1600, may the god of photography forgive me), and have the diaphragm open to the maximum (also not ideal on my lens, but lesser crime in comparison with that ISO). Pictures came out extremely noisy and colors are off and seem unfixable, short of converting to black and white (mixed light!). Pics had to be reduced dramatically and are only good for the web, but I like them anyway.

I still have, oh, I dunno, half a thousand of them to look through :)




nameless__one said...

Страсти какие расписываешь :)

Отличные фото!

Я тут своей сонькой и на 6400 снимал - и не жужжу :)

Tamara Kulikova said...

ну ты же понимаешь, я привыкла, что смотришь на 100% crop и какбе радуешься. а тут смотришь и думаешь - ой, мамо :)

фотки да, хорошие получились, особенно если не ставить целью плакаты печатать :)