Monday, May 09, 2011

white flowers and snakes

it's second year in a row that I go to Norway in early May, to visit my friend and to see wood anemones (hvitveis) everywhere. Last year I discovered that there were blue hepatica flowers there, too - not as many as anemonies, but still. And this year, lily-of-the-valley, wood-sorrel and violets suddenly caught my attention. I am sure they were there last year, too, I must have not been paying attention

One more thing that sure caught my attention was snakes. Two of them, not that many but plenty for one day. One was an adder, with bright zigzag pattern, on a largish side - he was sunning himself on a path when we cane along, and wriggled away fast, but with certain  dignity. Second one was a smallish green something that was hidden between lily-of-they-valley leaves and made a pretty panicky escape from somewhere very close to my feet. I was scared to step on anything without checking first after that

Norway pics at shutterstock

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