Monday, May 23, 2011


There was an international market in Saffron Walden over the weekend. We only got there on Sunday afternoon, when it was pretty much over (*), so it was bit empty

We did buy some olives, bread, biscuit and yet one more unnecessary thing for Timur - small panpipes.

I am guessing it was a lot busier and more interesting on Saturday, but it worked out too complicated a day for us - first everybody bout me were at the final concert at Duxford workshop, and then later Kirill and me went to a Latin Party.  I was feeling somewhat under the weather, but we did a couple of dances and even were complimented - we are apparently great dancers, us :)

* - "к шапочному разбору", something like "in time to pick up your hat  < and leave >". Apparently the expression comes from the times when a) men were wearing hats of some description all the time b) they left them by the entrance when coming inside a church (and on some other occasions, but church seems to be the most obvious). So, if you came towards the end of service, meeting or whatever, you arrived just as everybody were locating their hats before leaving

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