Wednesday, March 30, 2011

gardening's going to be difficult

As our move to Fuerteventura approaches, I start thinking about all the stuff that I'll miss. And plentiful supply of fresh water is going to be one. I like growing things. Granted, occasionally I neglect my plants, but I do like the fact that I can grow them.

Yes, I can grow cacti there, but, you know, somehow that doesn't seem like proper gardening.

There is water on Fuerteventura, of course, but not in plenty.

Anyway, I was thinking (mind you, I am no engineer, so what follows is probably completely impossible, but bear with me): You get a cold beer on Fuerteventura, you have a lot of condensation on the glass, so humidity's not zero, and this water can be used. But I can't possibly water my plants by getting a fresh beer every ten minutes or so. So, maybe some sort of solar-power operated device exists? Like of the doodle below - sun battery operates *something* that cools a surface where condensation is formed, water drops drip to the ground and there you are.

Now, it is entirely possible that it's not only doable, but is, in fact, done, and I can't find those things for sale because I don't know how they are called etc - looking in the wrong place (then please tell me if you know where to look). It is also possible that an efficient enough refrigerator (that's what it is, right?) is not possible. I would want to know that, too.


pics from Fuerteventura on shutterstock


nameless__one said...

Hm, don't want to pour cold water on you here (this is a lousy pun I know), but you might have a problem in the solar panel part. You see - electricity made of solar energy is not free. Considering the capital outlay involved it is quite expensive. I am more or less sure that this is more expensive then the electricity from the plug.

What is an exact problem with the fresh water there. Is it too expensive? Or is there a rationing?

nameless__one said...

What type of water supply in your prospective place anyway?

Tamara Kulikova said...

It's desalinated water everywhere - there's no fresh water source on the island. There will be a meter. Not sure about rationing per se.

I agree initial outlay will be probably quite large, but my dream device has the same advantages as the solar lights we have in the garden - you buy it once, you stick it in, you forget it more or less. More sun there is, more water it produces, which is sort of self-regulation.

Sun-powered lights, btw, appeared en mass more or less a few years ago and are quite cheap by now. But of course I don't know how much more expensive is cooling tech