Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Cardiff

Last Year we went to Edinburgh for New Year. It was nice, but this year, what with all the travel disruption, we decided to go closer and less to the north. London fireworks would be a great option, but everywhere you look you see warning of how crowded those are, and after being in large crowd last year at Hogmanay we didn't really want a repetition of the experience. So we went to Cardiff.

I was a good choice. We stayed at the Cardiff Bay area, which is full of restaurants and have a particular attraction for Timur (and Yuri, although he won't admit it, what with being in his teens) - Techniquest. It was open till 5pm on New Years eve, so we had just about enough time to press the buttons, pull the levers and bash things with other things.

There were two firework displays - one in the evening at about 6, I think, close to the Castle, where you had to pay. didn't go to that one, went for an enormous meal instead. Another one was to bring in the NY, at the Civic Center, or "by winter wonderland" as locals, including person I spoke to in the tourist info, referred to the location. I tried to find out where exactly it was, but I shouldn't have bothered since taxi drivers know anyway (well, they have The knowledge).

Said winter wonderland is a big funfair, with ice-skating, some live music and "John Lewis Wheel" - tall-ish ferris wheel. We had a spin on that.

Fireworks themselves were short - I didn't time, but I think about ten minutes maximum. I liked it, but I must say that nothing I've seen so far beats Madeira New Year celebration which we've seen a few years ago. That was also just about 15 mins or so, but the amount of fireworks exploded was enormous. But then, it's perhaps an unfair comparison, Madeira's fireworks being in guinness book.

Maybe we'll write to the council and suggest they do fireworks in the bay next year though. It'd look a lot better and there seem to be plenty of space.


I didn't take my camera with me, so don't have anything new to show. This picture was taken on Cardiff Castle grounds, and it's three-years younger Timur who's walking the paved road.

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