Saturday, August 07, 2010

IR jumps


they are not IR photos, of course, but the day was grey and the out-of-camera results were not that great, although dynamic and emotional. They were near-silhouette, but not near enough, plus it felt wrong to loose all the texture from the clouds.

Here the blue canal is almost zero and red and green almost equal, so it's not really IR either, but close. I like the results, they look like photos from old magazine.

Conversion was done with photoshop elements (I would love to have full PS, but it's expensive and elements cover most of my needs anyways)

Place is Wells-Next-the-Sea, that marram-grass covered hill opposite from the row of beach huts.




Hornbill said...

Hi Tamara,

Your photos are great !

What camera and lens do you use ?

My photo blog is at

My email is

I live in Borneo island

Tamara Kulikova said...

thanks :) Camera is cannond 5d (mk1, i.e. older version), lens canon 24-105 L

Bruce Barone said...

Wonderful images!