Saturday, July 31, 2010

sweet corn


when we first moved to Saffron Walden area, all those, oh my, almost twelve years ago, most noise during market days was produced by the fruit and veg seller. He was putting real passion into his "Strawberrrrieeeeeees"! and "We have ba-na-nas in their pi-ja-mas!".

Nowdays, very similar, but even louder and more piercing noises are produced by a young guy who, I assume, is his son. At least, voices and intonations are quite remarkably similar. The "original" guy sells, but doesn't shout any more.

Sweetcorns above is from their stall today


Bruce Barone said...

YUM! How do you cook it? Sometimes I steam it in a few inches of salted water. But I really love to grill it.

Tamara Kulikova said...

part boiling part steaming in shallow water is the way kids like it. Grilling is a method I know of but never tried yet