Thursday, July 08, 2010

carnival crown


There was a Carribean topic in Timur's school going for a while (so he kept asking me if we can go to Barbados or Dominica for our hols, hmmm). As the high point they had a carnival parade together with another school. It happened on on school grounds, so it wasn't a public event, unfortunately, because it seems that kids and teachers and helpers produces some very nice artwork for the parade, including some huge animals made of colorful paper on some sort of 3d-carcass. I only saw a giraffe, because it apparently didn't fit into the school hall (which gives an idea of the size), it was very impressive.

Above is the carnival crown the Timur made and decorated for himself. He is fascinated by the sea turtle motif for a goodish while already and here it is on the central "feather" of the crown


and another one, from the headband (oil crayons clearly don't draw very well on metallic paper, but still)


also, octopus motif in the center of headband was one of his favourite drawing subjects for a while, ever since they did a celtic topic

Carnival pics on shutterstock - here 

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