Sunday, June 20, 2010

and now it's gone


I might have already posted photos from this series. clematis vine definitely stopped flowering a while ago, so that's gone, but now the blue glass is gone too. so it's a memorial sort of post

Timur went to fetch his breakfast things today, and tried to take the top glass from a tallish stack of them. there were, oh, seven maybe glasses altogether. now we have two red ones left, and that's it. whole kitchen was covered in glass shards, some went into our brewing coffee.

Timur was really upset - both by breaking so many things in one go and by my shouting "stay where you are!" (he was barefoot).

On the brighter side of things I now have quite exceptionally clean kitchen and an excuse to go shopping. And according to Russian folklore, crockery breaking is a lucky sign


nameless__one said...

interesting life you've got :)

Tamara Kulikova said...

no time to get bored for sure :)